Innovate on daily basis

Humbleteam and Rapidlaunch agencies, design enthusiasts who work with many companies, including startups (the capitalization of startups we’re working with is $72M).

They have been working with a lot of modern companies, which have something in common — everybody wants to innovate and disrupt their industry these days. People are inspired by innovative companies like Uber, Airbnb, Netflix or Apple and want to achieve the same success their heroes did.

Daniel and Anton from Humbleteam will talk how they discovered the unique approach to innovation, which has proved itself many times with clients. Join this session to learn how to streamline creativity and inventions, thus break new grounds every day.


06:00 pm – Doors open

06:30 pm – Meetup

07:30 pm – Networking

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10. 05. 2018
Prague Startup Centre 31 Jungmannova 110 00